A Fun, Safe, and Exciting Way To Exercise and Be in the Beautiful Outdoors!

A Breath of Fresh Air for The Senior Population.

A Breath of Fresh Air for The Senior Population.

Hello my name is Craig Cook, we have a Brand New outdoor exercise program for seniors called New Life Rentals.

We want seniors to live healthier longer and happier lives. We want them to remember their youth.

We have adult three wheel recumbent tricycles. They are safe and easy to ride. We have locations Mondays thru Fridays so seniors can enjoy the outdoors, wildlife and each other. Each location has a day of the week in which we deliver the tricycles. Other groups will be there as we grow. As the program grows we’ll add the following locations:

The above locations are all flat, easy, and fun to ride. After everyone has spent time enjoying the flat rides they can experience the next level. You and I can ride each location so you can experience the fun. Wait till you see their eyes light up.

I’m sure you’ll see the value and benefits your group will get from such a delightful event.

I so look forward to your replies, comments and suggestions.


Craig (a young senior at 67)



Locations Where We Ride

Have a suggestion of where we should ride? Let us know!

Martial Cottle Park

Hellyer Park

Vasona Park

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